14 Adam or 7 Adam 14 is the KGPL radio callsign used to distinguish officers' Cole Phelps's and Ralph Dunn's patrol car in the Patrol Bureau of the LAPD in L.A. Noire. Aside from a designated shop number/identification, each patrol car, or "black and white" has its own radio callsign, i.e., 14 Adam, 15 Adam, 66 Adam, 77 Adam, 86 Adam, 16 Adam, etc. The same goes for detective cars. However, detective cars have the callsign "King" after their numbers. If waited long enough in "Nicholson Electroplating" after the explosion, on KGPL the player can hear "Car 14 Adam reports explosion is somewhere in Wilshire.".

After the promotion to Traffic , the callsign of the player's car changed to "Car 11 King", until the end of the Arson desk.

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