"Let me shoot this guy. Please?"
―Stefan Bekowsky

A Slip of the Tongue is a Traffic case in L.A. Noire. It was a pre-order bonus from Wal-Mart in Canada and the US and Play in the UK. According to, it came with the game soundtrack. JB Hi Fi Australia and New Zealand also have this case exclusive to JB Hi Fi pre-orders. It is now a story case in the The Complete Edition of the game.


A seemingly run of the mill car theft ends up sparking an explosive investigation into the largest auto fraud racket the city has ever seen.

Persons of Interest


  • Investigate Stolen Vehicle Report
  • Investigate Coombs Automotive
  • Investigate Jean Archer's Address
  • Trace Address for Marquee Printing
  • Investigate Marquee Printing
  • Interrogate James Belasco
  • Apprehend Jean Archer
  • Investigate 58 Industrial Street
  • Apprehend Gordon Leitvol

Achievements and Trophies


Captain Leary informs you that a stolen vehicle from the hot sheet has been spotted.

6 West Second Street

When you get there, a short cutscene will occur before you'll have to chase the driver. Disable his vehicle before he is stopped by uniformed backup in order to earn the Nowhere in a Hurry Achievement/Trophy.

Interview Cliff Harrison:

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Vehicle reported as stolen Truth Clue Harrison's ownership papers
Motive for flight Doubt
Vehicle purchase details Truth POI Richard Coombs

This is where you get the first pinkslip for the Racing For Pinks Achievement

Coombs Automotive Co.

Once you get there, you'll be greeted with a sales pitch from the owner, Richard Coombs. He'll tell you not to take another step, but you'll have to go to him in order to proceed. After a short cutscene, you follow him into his office where he'll give you two new clues:

Stencil Found
Aslipofthetongue pink slip
On Richard Coombs desk.
Description Legitimate pink slip, made out to Jean Archer of 146 North Fremont Avenue.
Clue White Clues Archer's ownership papers
POI White P.O.I.'s Jean Archer
Objective White Objectives Investigate Jean Archer's Address
Trace Address for Marquee Printing
Aslipofthetongue bill
On Richard Coombs desk.
Description Coombs Auto bill of sale, two-tone Kaiser Frazer, made out to Cliff Harrison.
Clue White Clues Bill of sale

This is where you get the second pinkslip for the Racing For Pinks Achievement/Trophy

Interview Richard Coombs:

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Details of transaction Truth Clue Check
Description of suspect Truth POI Jean Archer (Updated)
Association with Marquee Truth Objective Investigate Marquee Printing
Check payment details Doubt
Suspicious transaction Doubt

Before leaving, use the nearby gamewell or just get in your car to use the police radio.

146 North Fremont Avenue

When you arrive, you'll discover that the registered address is an empty lot.

Central Police Station

Speak with the watch commander before going to interview James Belasco in room 2.

Interview James Belasco:

Before you get to ask him questions, he'll give you another clue:

Stencil Found
Aslipofthetongue pink slip
On the table in interview room 2.
Description Legitimate pink slip, made out to James Belasco of 146 North Fremont Avenue.
Clue White Clues Belasco's ownership papers

This is where you get the third of the pinkslips for the Racing For Pinks Achievement/Trophy

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Stolen auto courier Doubt Clue Auto theft racket, Clue Stolen auto courier
Association with Archer Lie Archer's ownership papers or Fake address
Auto theft racket Doubt
Stolen vehicles warehoused Doubt Location Industrial Street (?)

When your interview is finished a cutscene will occur, where Ray Pinker will give you another clue:

Stencil Found
Aslipofthetongue rays note
Given to you by Ray.
Description Message reads: Gordon Leitvol, Proprietor, Marquee Printing Company, 323 Aliso St.
Clue White Clues Note from Ray Pinker
Pink slips
POI White P.O.I.'s Gordon Leitvol

Go towards the entrance, and the watch commander will stop and talk to you. He'll tell you that Jean Archer was seen at the Western Union less than a minute's run from Central. Run out of the station and turn left. Cross the road at the intersection, and turn left when you get to the other side. From here, just keep running straight.

Alternatively, get in your car and drive, or ask Bekowsky to drive. Be aware, it is possible to miss her, and doing so will only allow you to get a maximum of 4 stars for this case.

Western Union Office

Approach Archer at the counter and question her.

Interview Jean Archer:

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Stolen Kaiser Frazer Doubt
Association with Belasco Lie Belasco's ownership papers or Fake address POI 'Bigelow', Clue Known associates of Archer
Stolen auto courier Doubt Objective Investigate 58 Industrial Street

After this interview, if you correctly branch all questions, you receive the Achievement/Trophy Femme Imbécile

Marquee Printing Company

Go into the building, and speak to Gordon Leitvol.

Interview Gordon Leitvol:

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Knowledge of theft racket Doubt
Pink slip supply Doubt
Coombs Auto deliveries Doubt

After your conversation, Leitvol will let you see his ledger. Select any row where Bigelow was the customer.

58 Industrial Street

Prepare for a shootout. Take out the goons on the ground floor, before going up to the first floor. You can get the Chop Shop Achievement/Trophy if you kill at least one of the goons with the engine block that's hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room. You'll find Steven Bigelow and the following clues in his office:

Stencil Found
Aslipofthetongue delivery note
On the table, right in front of the door.
Description Delivery to Steven Bigelow, 58 Industrial Street, signed off by Gordon Leitvol.
Clue White Clues Delivery note
Aslipofthetongue betting slips
On the table, right in front of the door.
Description Santa Anita Park betting slip, stamped LOSE, made out to Gordon Leitvol.
Clue White Clues Betting slips
Aslipofthetongue pink slips box
Behind Bigelow, on his desk.
Description Box of blank printed pink slips.
Clue White Clues Box of pink slips

The Box of pinkslips is the last you need for the Racing For Pinks Achievement/Trophy

Interview Steven Bigelow:

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Pink slip supply Doubt Clue Gambling debts
Association with Leitvol Lie Delivery Ledger/Note from Ray Pinker

Marquee Printing Company

Interview Gordon Leitvol:

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Deliveries to Industrial St Lie Betting slips or Gambling debts

Case Briefing

"Report of a stolen vehicle, 6 West Second Street. If the registration has been circulating on the Department hot sheet, that means the suspect didn't change the plates, didn't make any attempt to conceal the vehicle - a beat cop spotted it sitting in the driveway. Something doesn't add up. We have the full details of the car, so finding out is as simple as paying a visit."

Case Notes

  • "With the theft racket smashed, Leitvol and his cronies will climb over one another to cut a deal."
  • "Bigelow might be a hood, but he had the dirt on Leitvol and would have flipped if encouraged."
  • "To save his own skin, Belasco might have offered up his bosses or fellow auto mules."
  • "Jean Archer remains at large with the proceeds of the auto sale and an eye on her next score."


"Well, some people would say that my cars are a steal... that's a joke, son."
―Richard Coombs
"There are at least four dead men in this warehouse. A couple more punks won't make for that much extra paperwork. We'd be doing the legal system a favor."
―Cole Phelps


  • On rare occasions, the "Details of Transaction" question won't show up during the Richard Coombs interview, even if you chose the correct responses to Cliff Harrison and inspected all of the clues, making it impossible to complete the case. Restarting the game and re-downloading the case from the in-game store should fix this problem.
  • After the shootout in the chop shop, when talking to Steven Bigelow after tossing his office, a scream is heard and the camera moves inside Phelps. The notebook is open but the player is unable to select a question or exit the conversation. Quitting to the main menu and resuming the game from the recent save point will solve the problem. (PC)
  • When the player doesn't visit Marquee Printings before the shootout at the Chop Shop, he walks into the print shop and asks Gordon Leitvol the "Deliveries to Industrial St" question. Phelps and Bekowsky seem to know Leitvol although they have never met him before. The first 3 questions won't show up.
  • On James Belasco's Forged Pink Slip for a 1945 Chevy Styline it shows 4Cyl. The 1940's Chevy's only had Straight 6Cyl engine options.


  • If Phelps takes one of Richard Coombs' cars to drive after questioning him, Stefan Bekowsky praises Phelps for his thinking.
  • The ending on this particular case all depends on whether Phelps handles the "Deliveries to Industrial St" question correctly. It he does, Leary will be very bright from the good press and praise Phelps on his work. But if Phelps doesn't handle it correctly, Leary will angrily berate both Bekowsky and Phelps (mainly the latter).
  • You can "free roam" with guns in this case. After Cliff Harrison is stopped by uniformed backup, or has his car destroyed, Bekowsky will request a patrol unit ,get out his car, and hold Harrison at gunpoint. If Phelps gets out the car, he will take his Colt M1911 out at this point, and, if far enough from the car, can freely fire. This allows him to explore certain areas not normally accessible where instead of trying to open doors but finding them locked, he will be able to kick down them (e.g., Leland Monroe's office at Elysian Fields Development, which has a gold handle, but is in a "locked" state)).


LA Noire - Walkthrough - Bonus Mission 1 - A Slip of the Tongue (5 Star)38:28

LA Noire - Walkthrough - Bonus Mission 1 - A Slip of the Tongue (5 Star)


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