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"Stay away from Elysian Fields."
Roy Earle.

A Walk in Elysian Fields is an Arson case in L.A. Noire.


"You guys better see this, I hope you have strong stomachs."
―Malcolm Carruthers

Morelli House Fire Crime Scene

Head to the crime scene. The coroner will greet you and tell you that you and your partner should see this. Follow him into the house and turn right. You'll see the victims, and a cutscene starts.

  • Inspect the photo behind you; it's marked with crime scene letter B.
  • Turn around and inspect the victims again.

Doing this will lead to Biggs effectively fleeing the house.

Go out of the house, after Biggs; this will trigger the next cutscene, and Biggs tells Cole a bit of his time as a Marine. Cole tells Biggs that this family also was on the Winners list that he read at the travel agency in an earlier case. Biggs says he has no intention of arresting the culprit, only killing him.

After that cutscene, you can go look for clues.

  • Go to the right side of the house and you'll find a water heater, marked as crime scene letter C.
  • As you enter the front yard to the to the right of the house is a newspaper.
  • The neighbor's house on the left (looking towards the crime scene) will lead you to finding Cigarette butts, next to a tree close to the road.
  • Next to the cigarettes are Boot prints.

Now, question the victim’s neighbor, Dudley Forman.

Interview Dudley Forman

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Morelli fire witness report Doubt
Suspicious activity Doubt
Planned demolitions Doubt
Promotional travel contest Truth

Once Phelps is done interrogating the neighbor, the neighbor in question will run back into the house to retrieve a copy of one of the Elysian Fields promotional flyers. Then a cut scene will trigger and Biggs will find an origami crane lying on the ground next the mail box. Upon further examination, the paper crane is made out of one the Elysian Fields flyers. When the neighbor of the victim gives you the flyer from his home, the clue about the flyer will be updated -- making that the last piece of evidence collected at the crime scene.

Next, use the phone for the location of the main office of Elysian Fields Co.

Rancho Escondido

After using the gamewell outside of the Morelli home, head over to Rancho Escondido. Upon arrival, a fight will break out. Phelps will then have to fist-fight with two enraged locals who are brawling with police. When that is over and done with, examine the house’s foundation. Phelps will be able to examine one of the bricks. Upon closer inspection, when Phelps places the brick back in its place, the wall will fall down, making that the only clue at Rancho Escondido.

Elysian Fields Development

Head over to Elysian Fields Co. and interrogate Leland Monroe (after getting past his unhelpful secretary, Miss Cansino).


Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Elysian linked to arsons Doubt
Promotional travel contest Lie Elysian Fields flyers
Local land acquisitions Doubt
Rancho Escondido fire (only available by visiting Rancho Escondido first.) Lie Poor cement quality

NOTE: You can earn the Huckster achievement/trophy by calling Monroe's lie on "Promotional travel contest" or "Rancho Escondido fire" and providing the correct evidence.

After the interrogation, a cut scene will trigger, letting the player know that Leland will give Cole and his partner a list of names of flyer distributors. On the secretary's desk, choose Herbert Chapman using Cole’s index finger (Chapman was a person of interest in the previous case). Use a phone to get the address of Chapman’s apartment (you can find one in the office area directly opposite from the receptionist in the lobby).

Blue Room Interlude

A lengthy cutscene follows, showing Cole back at The Blue Room listening to Elsa Lichtmann singing. Roy Earle arrives and non-too-subtly threatens Cole to cease investigating Elysian Fields. Afterwards, Cole is seen leaving Elsa's apartment block and rejoining his partner.

Herbert Chapman's Apartment

When you regain control, you receive Chapman's address from the operator at KGPL, so head over to his apartment. Once you gain control, check Herbert’s trunk to find a mosquito coil, some ammunition, and some flyers. After investigating all three items, you will get a cut scene, followed by a car chase. Ram your car against the side of the trolley until the panel falls off. After that, stay along the side of it until your partner shoots the trolley's wheel out. Herbert will then get off the trolley and shoot at you. Shoot him and the case will end. Phelps will tell Biggs that he cannot imagine Chapman and Monroe working together. Biggs agrees, but explains the evidence is better for Chapman, especially the gun.

Good Ending

If Phelps interviews Monroe successfully, Captain McKelty will say Phelps "put up a considerable risk stopping the trolley and probably saved a lot of lives." In addition, he will say that the Arson Desk had its eyes on Chapman for a very long time. He will say that if this keeps up, Phelps might call Richard Nixon a crook next and walks away.

Alternate Ending

If Phelps interviews Monroe poorly, McKelty will be angry at Phelps "starting riots", "harassing pillars of the community" and "wantonly destroying the property of the LA Transit Authority". McKelty then goes to point out that even if Phelps is "not happy slumming it in this squad", it's no excuse and tells him to either get "squared away" or hand in his badge. McKelty puts him on street duty "until further notice".

In any case, a cutscene follows as Elsa learns that she is to receive a large settlement in the death of a friend who'd named her as a life insurance beneficiary. When Cole learns Elsa's friend died on an Elysian Fields project, he convinces her to reject the settlement and get Jack Kelso, now an insurance investigator, to look into it. The game next takes an unexpected turn.

Case Briefing

"Arson finally puts two cases down in the clearance column and this is our reward. A family of four burned to death in their home on North Hobart Boulevard. No preliminary report from Lynch and the fire department investigators, so this could be a tragic accident. But given the things Biggs and I have seen in the last week, we'll be searching for any connection to the Suburban Redevelopment Fund."

Case Notes

  • "Chapman takes his motive, and any possible ties to Monroe and Elysian Fields to the grave."
  • '"Leland Monroe will never face a charge, but a fistful of evidence might have got his attention."


  • Rancho Escondido can be seen intact prior to this case during the Homicide or Vice free roam modes. While many of the homes and buildings in the game's recreation of L.A. are finely detailed, it's interesting to note that the homes in Rancho Escondido appear less detailed - very much in keeping with the idea of them being poorly constructed.
  • McKelty compares rousting Leland Monroe to calling Nixon a criminal, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Watergate scandal of 1972~74. Nixon reached national prominence as a U.S. Representative from California in 1948 with his involvement in the House Un-American Activities Committee; at that time, nobody thought he was a crook because at that time, he was not a crook.
  • While the ammo in Chapman's trunk claim to be .45 ACP, or auto, rounds, the pistol he pulls out is a revolver. The issue is that .45 auto rounds have a small rim and are difficult to extract from a revolver's cylinder, which are typically made for a larger round called a .45 Long, without moon clips, a type of speed reloader clip for revolvers. Also, the only commonly available revolver built to take .45 ACP rounds was the M1917, a substitute for a short supply of M1911s, which does look arguably similar to the one Chapman removes from his jacket.


Video Walkthrough

LA Noire - Walkthrough - Mission 18 - A Walk in Elysian Fields (5 Star)36:52

LA Noire - Walkthrough - Mission 18 - A Walk in Elysian Fields (5 Star)

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