"It's not often you get them this easy. Driver left his car behind and hoofed it."
―Officer Andy Brown

"Accident Prone" is an Arson street crime case in L.A. Noire.


A hit and run has just occurred, Phelps is tasked with finding the person responsible. Bystanders say the suspect is in the alley way.

Dispatch Call Script

Dispatch: KGPL to any Central unit. Meet the officer, a hit and run felony at Sixth and Alvarado. Any unit able to handle, Code Two identify.

Cole Phelps: Car 11 King responding, go ahead KGPL.

Dispatch: 11 King, meet the officer, a hit and run felony at the intersection of Sixth and Alvarado. Code Two.


Cole Phelps responds to a hit and run murder. There he is briefed by an officer. Who says witnesses saw a man covered in blood go in an alleyway. A man would raise his hand and say he saw where the driver is.

Follow the man to the alley and enter it. You should see a trail of blood. You must follow it. At the end of the trail, you should find your suspect hiding behind a dumpster. You must defeat him in a fist fight to arrest him. Phelps will recognize him as William Shelton, who made an earlier appearance in the Traffic case A Marriage Made in Heaven, and apparently has a history of vehicle related incidents.

Video Walkthrough

Accident Prone - Street Crime - L.A

Accident Prone - Street Crime - L.A. Noire