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Airto Quintilio Sanchez
Gender Male
Location 20th Century Market
Affiliation(s) 20th Century Market
Ernesto Juarez
Sergio Rojas
Juan Garcia Cruz
Status Incarcerated
Birth June 26, 1910
Weapon(s) Unarmed
Actor Carlos Alvarado

Airto Quintilio Sanchez is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in the DLC case, "Reefer Madness".



Sanchez is a Mexican immigrant from Tijuana. He illegally moved to the U.S. hoping to find work to provide for his poor family. Airto first started out in San Fransico and eventually moved to Los Angeles. Airto got a job as the store clerk for the 20th Century Market. However, he was soon discovered by Ernesto Juarez, who coereced him into being part of his reefer distribtion ring. Airto acted as a middleman by selling reefer filled soup cans using the market as a cover. Ernesto forced Airto to comply, and threatened to deport him, or worse, murder him and his family. Despite his reluctance, fear of deportation and concern for his family, Airto was able sell much of the reefer and earn good money.

Events of L.A. NoireEdit

During Detectives Cole Phelps and Roy Earle's investigation of the reefer ring, they discovered the reefer filled soup cans at Juan Garcia Cruz's house. It became evident that the 20th Century Market store was a distribtion point, so raided the store. Airto attempted to flee but was caught by Phelps and questioned, during which Airto gave up his knowledge of Ernesto. Despite Phelp's promise to not deport Sanchez, it is unknown if Airto remained in the U.S. or if he was, in fact, deported back to Mexico.

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