"Maybe another night, Roy. She's pretty beat up about..."
―Alfonse, unsuccessfully trying to tell Roy Earle that Elsa was too upset to see him

Alfonse Dagbo is a minor character in L.A. Noire. He is an employee at The Blue Room.



He works at the The Blue Room, and is originally from the French Congo. Roy Earle and Cole Phelps went there to celebrate Phelps' solving of a case in which a car was driven off an escarpment. When requested to introduce Elsa Lichtmann to Cole, Alfonse told them that she was too upset following the death of her friend. However, Roy scolded Dagbo, and insisted to see her, so he gave in.

Alfonse is also seen in The Studio Secretary Murder and the House of Sticks cases, outside the club.

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