Andrew Fickman is a character in L.A. Noire and a person of interest in the Patrol case Buyer Beware.



Fickman works as clerk at Eagleson's Gun Store on East Fifth Street. Edgar Kalou was one of the customers at the gun store. Kalou asked Fickman to clean his F.N. Browning Handgun. Kalou also bought a box of .32 caliber rounds for the gun. Kalou made small talk with Fickman, telling him that he was on his lunch, and that he worked at Hartfield's Jewelry Store on Broadway. Kalou then left the store.

Events of L.A. Noire

The F.N. Browning was later used as a murder weapon, to kill Everett Gage, a local shoe store owner. Officer Cole Phelps responded to the shooting, which he heard while walking his beat. The F.N. Browning was later found by Phelps in a trash can near the crime scene. Phelps went along with officer Ralph Dunn to the Eagleson's, in order to gain information about the F.N. Browning. Fickman greeted the officers warmly. Fickman told Phelps and Dunn about the cleaning of the gun, and pointed them in the direction of Kalou and his store. Phelps would use Fickman's testimony as evidence against Kalou to charge him for the murder of Gage.

Fickman is later seen in Ray's Cafe, whilst Phelps was investigating Lester Pattison's death in the Traffic case A Marriage Made in Heaven.

Fickman is also seen as a bystander after Phelps' shootout at the the Cruz Residence in the Vice case Reefer Madness. Officer Dudley Wheelright calls Phelps over and he has a quick talk with Fickman, who tells Phelps to check the back shed.

Case Appearances





  • During Buyer Beware, acquiring Fickman's testimony is only mandatory if the player fails to correctly question Clovis Galletta.
  • During Reefer Madness, Fickman's only purpose is to direct the player to the back shed to advance the case if the player is stuck.
  • Fickman is seen standing on the porch of the green house to the left of the Cruz house.
  • Since both encounters with Fickman are optional, the player may encounter him once, twice, or not at all.
  • Wells provides the face for an ambulance officer tending to an injured man at Nicholson Electroplating.