"Did I ask your opinion, Detective? Two men dead on US Army issue morphine. That makes it an Ad Vice case. Beat it!"
―Archie Colmyer, in response to Roy Earle.

Archibald Colmyer is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a Lieutenant in the LAPD's Vice department.



Colmyer wore a green suit with a yellow tie. He served in the LAPD, partnered with Roy Earle until eventually moving up to the Vice desk and became lieutenant of the department. As lieutenant, Colmyer handled the general affairs of Vice, and assigned detectives to investigations.

Events of L.A. Noire

At Earle's request, Colmyer helped secure Detective Phelps' promotion to Vice and partnered him with Earle. Colmyer assigned Phelps and Earle very prominent cases such as the investigation of the stolen morphine distribution, the reefer distribution and Julia Randall's death. There are several indications of Colmyer's corruption, such as his arrangement with Victor Sanders and his involvement in the "Brenda" scandal. Colmyer was also part of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund, along with Earle and corrupt Police Commissioner William Worrell. All appeared on Leland Monroe's payroll, in exchange in supporting and covering Monroe's illegal activities.


"Collect that partner of yours and get out of my sight."
―Lieutenant, there's no call for that...
"Get moving, Phelps. Roy's informant is the skittish type."
―Yes, Lieutenant. I'm not stupid...
"Get to work, Detective. They're waiting for you at the murder scene."
―And I'm waiting to see them at the murder scene...
"Go to it, Detective. I have nothing further to say on the subject."
―If I refuse, you'll say something further, correct?

Case Appearances



  • Lt. Colmyer's actor, Steve Rankin, also made a minor appearance in the 1997 movie 'L.A. Confidential', as Mickey Cohen's arresting officer.
  • Colmyer's dialogue seems to indicate he dislikes Earle more than Phelps.


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