Location of the Army Base.

The Army Base is a location in L.A. Noire. It is located south of the east end of 7th Street in East Central Los Angeles.



The entrance to the base is located on the right as you drive south of 7th Street. In front, there is a guard station with two, or three military policemen (MPs) standing at a guard post.


Reel 02 - Double Indemnity1--article image

Entrance to the Army Base.

The MPs are found all around the base. As you enter the base, there is a main building to the left. Parked in front is a Nash Deluxe 600 Army, which is required to earn the Auto Fanatic achievement/trophy.

To the right there is a main yard surrounded with chain-link fence. The entrance to the yard has two U.S. flags on flag posts'. This is a parade ground, which would be where squads of soldiers would practice drill and formations.

Obstacle Course

If you cross the parade ground, you will eventually arrive at the start and end of the obstacle course. The obstacle course is oval-shaped, and is runnable. It contains many walls to jump over, a rope wall - which the player climbs as if he were climbing a pipe, and two sets of balance boards, where the player must balance himself as he walks across the board (like in the case The Quarter Moon Murders).

In the Remastered Edition of the game, running the Obstacle Course in under three minutes will unlock the The Murphy Outfit.

Firing Range

If the player continues down the road from the entrance, there will be another road on the left. At the end of this road, on the left, there are two firing ranges. The ranges cannot be used. On one of the tables, at one range, there is a Gold Film Reel for the film Double Indemnity.


  • Across the road from the shooting range is a replica of a Japanese village.
  • Continuing down the road from the entrance, the road will end at a race track.
  • Interestingly, the troops wear US Army khakis and Army issue MP gear, however if you look closely at the ones in sidecaps, also known as garrison caps, you will note a USMC EGA, or Eagle Globe and Anchor, meaning that their clothing articles are probably just recolored assets from the Pacific War flashbacks that reoccur throughout the game.




L.A Noire military base Asault corse !

The Obstacle Course

La Noire Military Vehicle Location00:48

La Noire Military Vehicle Location

Location of the Nash Deluxe 600 Army


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