Augusta Summers is an unseen and minor character referenced in "The Studio Secretary Murder" case.



Augusta was the mother of Evelyn Summers, though Evelyn moved to Los Angeles and worked for Keystone Film Studios. Evelyn eventually lost her job and fell into deep depression and severe alcoholism. Augusta would learn of Evelyn's deteriorating condition through Walter Robbins, who was good friends with Evelyn and her ex-husband. Augusta sent letters urging Evelyn to come home in Connecticut for treatment. However, Evelyn ignored the letters and remained in Los Angeles, and Augusta herself became too old to care for herself.

Events of L.A. Noire

Augusta would eventually learn of Evelyn's brutal murder, tragically before they could reconcile after years of estrangement. Robbins, being one of the people who knew and cared for Evelyn, got in touch Augusta to arrange Evelyn's funeral.


  • Augusta's address is 2122 St David Street, 11 Bridgeport, Connecticut