"Whatever is in that vault, they want it bad."
―Officer Carl Radcliffe

"Bank Job" is a Homicide street crime case in L.A. Noire.


After being called to the scene, Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway meet Officer Carl Radcliffe, who informs them that half a dozen masked men are attempting to rob the Bank of America. A shootout erupts and Phelps, Galloway, Radcliffe, and another officer attempt to storm the bank and halt the robbery.

Dispatch Call Script

Dispatch: All units, officer needs help. Bank of America, Seventh and Olive. Officer needs help, Seventh and Olive, Bank of America,. A 211 in progress and shots fired. Units to hadle, Code Three, identify.

Cole Phelps: Car 11K responding. Go ahead.

Dispatch: 11K, officer needs help in Bank of America, Seventh and Olive. A 211 in progress and shots fired. Code Three.


After talking to Officer Radcliffe, two gunmen with Thompsons are seen right outside the bank, taking cover behind cars. Phelps must kill both of these men in order to innitiate the police assault to the bank. Once there, there will be two men in the lobby with revolvers, as well as a third up with a Thompson on the second floor balcony that looks over the lobby. After they are dead, Phelps, Galloway, and Radcliffe reach the stairs. Because the robbers blocked the stairs, Phelps is sent down to the basement, with the elevator alone, and must deal with another gunman with a Thompson behind a desk near the elevator. After he is dead, Phelps must kill the gunman with a shotgun outside the vault and the three more in the vault. One has a shotgun, one a Thompson, the other a revolver. Once you killed two of them Phelps will comment "Just you and me. You can live to tell the tale." which the robber will not oblige.

Note: No robbers here will escape, take your time and take them out, collect the ammunition before you use the elevator is not a bad idea.


  • Officer Radcliffe claims that half a dozen masked men are robbing the bank, when in reality there are more men and not all are wearing masks.
  • The mission's title may be a reference to the 2008 British crime film "The Bank Job".

Video Walkthrough

Bank Job - Street Crime - L.A

Bank Job - Street Crime - L.A. Noire