Bishop's Apartment is a location in L.A. Noire. It's featured in the Traffic case "The Fallen Idol". In which you beat up Mrs. Gloria Bishop's assailants, search for numerous clues then interrogate her. Location is 2701 Wilshire Blvd.


  • The saddle in the main room.
  • In the first room on the left there will be a $20,000 check.
  • In the second room on the left you'll find the Set Photo.
  • You also should find the Wall of Babylon prop replica.
  • Go in to the room with Mrs. Bishop and look at the photo on the table to your left.


  • Domestic disturbance: Doubt.
  • Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth.
  • Check for $20,000: Lie ($20,000 check)
  • Abuse of Jessica Hamilton: Doubt.


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