"And Evelyn Summers, a poor drunken nobody, stole your book."
―Cole Phelps to Grosvenor McCaffrey

The Book is a piece of evidence in L.A. Noire, it is featured in "The Studio Secretary Murder" case.


Grosvenor McCaffrey's book was Aristotle's Metaphysics, a philosophical branch of theories focusing on explaining existence and knowledge. McCaffrey, fancying himself as knowledgeable and well educated man, was very fond and protective of the book.

"McCaffrey saw her looking at it once and laughed in her face."
James Tiernan

Evelyn Summers, who strongly admired McCaffrey, visited McCaffrey and stole the book with the intent of borrowing it. However McCaffrey scorned Evelyn and was outraged by her taking the book, as a result he threatened her.

Events of L.A. Noire

After Evelyn's murder, Detectives Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway investigated by visiting Levine's Liquor Store where they the book in Evelyn's makeshift bedroom among her meager belongings. Since the book had McCaffrey's name inscribed inside, Phelps and Galloway visited and questioned McCaffrey. At first McCaffrey denied being affiliated with Evelyn, however Phelps presented the book as evidence, disproving McCaffrey's lie. McCaffrey revealed his disdain and contempt for Evelyn, causing him to become a suspect in her murder.

Case Appearance


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