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The Brown Derby building


Location on the Map

The Brown Derby is a landmark in L.A. Noire.
It is located on Vine St. in the Hollywood District between Hollywood Blvd and Selma Ave.

In Game Description

The original Brown Derby on Wilshire Boulevard was opened in 1926 by Robert Cobb and Herbert Somborn. There are many theories about the building's appearance, including Somborn being told "if you know anything about food, you can sell it out of a hat".

Case Appearances


Events of L.A. Noire

The "Suburban Redevelopment Fund" film was set inside this restaurant, and Leland Monroe later met Harlan Fontaine here to discuss damage control.



LA Noire - Star Map Achievement Trophy Walkthrough PT1- All 30 Landmarks05:37

LA Noire - Star Map Achievement Trophy Walkthrough PT1- All 30 Landmarks

skip to 3:26

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