Bullocks Wilshire is a location and a landmark in L.A. Noire. It is located in Wilshire on Wilshire Blvd. and Westmoreland Ave.

In-Game Description

John and Donald Parkinson designed an art-deco monument to house this upmarket department store, which opened in 1929. The 241-foot tower was paneled with green-tinted copper, and notable customers included Greta Garbo, John Wayne and Clark Gable.


  • A badge in the Badge Pursuit Challenge is located at the bottom of a stairwell. To get to the stairwell, simply go to the main entrance (it will have a star spangled carpet leading to the main door) and face it head on, on your left will be a stairwell that leads below ground level, the badge is on the ground as soon as you get off the stairs.

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