Bunco, sometimes called Fraud, is a department in the LAPD. The desk was removed from the final game of L.A. Noire as stated in an interview with Team Bondi's Brendan McNamara.

Bunco is mentioned in game during "The Set Up" case, they investigated and listed leads on bookmakers for Phelps and Earle. Its department is located at Wilshire Police Station.

There is also evidence that it was going to exist in the game, but then taken out, next to the telephone in Central Police Station. It says LAPD Telephone Directory: Bunco 2803. You can easily read the phone directory in the case "The Studio Secretary Murder".

Inside the Bunco division room at Wilshire Police Station it says on one of the black boards that Albert Lynch is the captain of Bunco even though he is the fire investigator working for the fire brigade. Also inside is two detectives, one is Mickey Cohen in a grey suit the other being Harold Caldwell in a blue suit which is strange considering that they both have the same faces, body build and voices as the actual characters.

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