"I've got a few more errands to run before I say adios to this dump."
―Candy Edwards
Candy Edwards is a character in L.A. Noire. She is a person of interest in the Vice desk case "The Set Up".



Candy was the girlfriend of L.A. boxer Albert Hammond. Candy learned of the prize win racket and Albert's dive in his upcoming fight with Kid Galahad, Candy attempted to persuade Albert to take the fall in order for everyone to make a profit and to avoid enraging the mob. However, Albert became stubborn over his personal pride hence Candy decided to leave him.

Events of L.A. Noire

Candy was attacked in her hotel room by Carlo Arquero, who was desperate for leads on the prize money and was demanding answers on Albert's whereabouts since he won the fight. Detectives Cole Phelps and Roy Earle arrived in time to beat up Arquero. Phelps quickly questioned Candy and her involvement. However, she denied knowing Albert's whereabouts or being part of the racket.

With Hammond in hiding and his life in danger, Candy was free to take his betting slips and collected on his winnings at the various bookmakers throughout L.A., while unknown to her that she was being tailed by Phelps and Earle. After collecting all of Hammond's winnings, which accumulating a total of over $11,000, Candy prepared to leave Los Angeles. The winnings were covertly taken by Hammond who in actuality allowed Candy to collect them while he was maintaining a low profile. However, while in the bus terminal restroom, she was again attacked by Arquero, who fatally stabs her. Phelps arrived to aid Candy, but she died shortly thereafter from her knife wound before medical help could arrive.

Case Appearances






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