The Central Police Station is the headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department in L.A. Noire. Located in Central 1 division, the station has three captains operating out of it: Captain Gordon Leary of Traffic; Captain James Donnelly; and Captain Lazarus Cafarelli. Cafarelli's office door and the doors leading to the room Watch Commander Mel Fleischer resides in along with numerous other doors are merely cosmetic; they cannot be opened at all. All of the captains' offices are located on the 2nd floor. Cole Phelps is able to wander freely in the station and can pick up different cases by visiting one of the department's desks.

The station is also located next door to Central Receiving Hospital.


  • Municipal Court
  • Storage Room
  • Capt. Gordon Leary
  • Capt. James Donelly
  • Capt. Lazarus Cafarelli
  • Records Room
  • Film Room
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen
  • Lieutenants
  • Detectives
  • Lt. Fleischer
  • Press Office
  • Secretary's Room
  • Interview Room 1
  • Interview Room 2
  • Holding Cells
  • Line Up Gallery
  • Patrol Room
  • Viewing Room
  • Staff Only
  • Locker Room
  • Armory
  • Plant Room
  • Boiler Room
  • Electronics Lab
  • Technical Services
  • Ballistics Room


  • The Central Police Station is located at 318 1st St. in Downtown, Los Angeles.
  • Cole works here on both the Traffic Desk and Homicide Desk, before being transferred to Hollywood Police Station on the Vice Desk and then to the Wilshire Police Station for the Arson Desk.
  • The flag hanging on the stairwell is hung incorrectly. It should hang with the blue field on the left. [1]
  • The door leading to the holding cells is gold-handled, but is shown to be locked if Phelps attempts to gain access almost all of the time. A few exceptions are:
    • When James Jessop is detained in a cell, the door is open, meaning Phelps can explore the room.
    • When interviewing James Tiernan and Grosvenor McCaffrey, Phelps can witness John Ferdinand Jamison being detained in a cell. If interacted with, Jamison will say, "Keep that crazy partner of yours off me!" referring to when Rusty Galloway punched him in the face twice, in disgust at his necrophiliac behaviour.
  • Whenever Phelps enters the holding cell area, he is never shown to remove his Colt M1911 from his inner jacket pocket, despite the fact is says on the door in capital letters (for emphasis) that no firearms are to be brought past that point.