William Worrell, the Chief of Police during 1947.

The Chief of Police is the highest rank in the Los Angeles Police Department, and in charge of the entire LAPD. In 1947 the chief is William Worrell.


Municipal ordinances dictate the scope of authority a chief possesses and limits them in the abilities of commanding. The following list is a general sense of the actions and responsibilities held by any chief of police.

  • Oversight of a department's totality of operation and budgeting.
  • Oversight of officers.
    • Limited disciplinary actions to be addressed on infractions of policy, rules, regulations, laws or ordinances.
    • Full dismissal or heavy sanctioning of officer duty varying by municipal ordinance.
    • Promotion and rank placement of officers.
  • Patrol, investigating, and other duties performed by officers.
  • Production and development of department policies and regulations.
  • Upkeep and updating of department equipment such as police vehicles, firearms, communications equipment and uniforms.
  • Attending community events and council meetings to give briefings on department conditions or other undisclosed information vital to municipal operation and well being.
    • Reporting to the municipality's mayor or city director regarding operations (and dismissal of officers for misconduct varying by municipal ordinance).
    • Reporting to the municipality's board of directors.

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