Chinatown is a neighborhood and a landmark in L.A. Noire. It is located at the northern end of Broadway.

In-Game Description

The first so-called 'China City' was built by American filmmakers, fitted out as a movie set complete with a minature 'Great Wall'. It burned down in 1939, and construction of New Chinatown was coordinated and financed by the Chinese American Association.


  • A badge in the Badge Pursuit Challenge can be found here. On the most south western block of Chinatown, near a sign that says "Kam Tong Chinese Foods" between two lions in front of a white door. (Note that there are at least five of exactly the same signs near other pairs of lions throughout Chinatown.)


  • Although the game describes the "first China City" in LA as having been built as a film set, in reality an earlier Chinese neighborhood had existed in the city since the late 19th century. The Old Chinatown was demolished in order to make room for Union Station, and the newer 'China City' was built, which later burned down in 1939 and was replaced yet again.