"Doping a fifteen year old girl and abusing her in a screen test. What is wrong with these people?"
Cole Phelps

Chloral Hydrate is a piece of evidence in L.A. Noire, featured in "The Fallen Idol" case.


Chloral Hydrate is a drug used as a sedative, commonly used to render someone unconscious or induce into a hypnotic state. Chloral Hydrate was often mixed with alcohol ("knockout drops") and served to other people without their knowledge in order to subtly render them unconscious, an act that was nicknamed "Slipping a Mickey Finn". The term is a reference to the Chicago bartender, Michael "Mickey" Finn, who served alcohol and Chloral Hydrate to customers, allowing him to rob them while they were unconscious.

Events of L.A. Noire

Prop store owner Marlon Hopgood had a supply of chloral hydrate that was prescribed by Dr. Harold Stoneman. Hopgood, with movie producer Mark Bishop, kept chloral hydrate at The Silver Screen Prop Store, and would use it on young aspiring Hollywood actresses for sexual exploitation.

Bishop served some to Jessica Hamilton during a "casting" at the prop store and proceeded to molest her while she was unconscious. Jessica was later taken to Central Receiving Hospital following a car crash - also Bishop's doing. With her forcibly torn underwear along with evidence of physical attack, the attending physician found traces of chloral hydrate in Jessica's bloodstream, confirming that she had been raped prior to the accident. Detectives Cole Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky investigated, during which they found Hopgood's supply of chloral hydrate in the prop store drinks cabinet. However, Hopgood was not arrested, as vice detective Roy Earle arrived and informed the detectives of Hopgood's status as an Administrative Vice informant.

Case Appearance


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