Chop Shop is an achievement/trophy in A Slip of the Tongue Traffic case.

This achievement can be a little tricky. There is only one hanging engine block so if you don't get it, intentionally die and try it again.

Note: Try to do this quickly as sometimes your partner will kill the goon below the engine block before you can shoot it down.

Upon arriving at the Industrial Street warehouse, a cutscene will occur and then Phelps will yell for the goons to surrender. The goons will take cover, usually in the same hiding places each time (including one under the engine block). While in cover at the front door, shoot the first goon you see hiding inside the wooden shack. Run in and take cover behind the metal railing between the door and the shack. Just stay in cover and observe where the bad guys are located. The engine block is in the center of the room suspended by a cable. Below it is an explosive barrel and (hopefully) a goon taking cover behind some metal. One or two shots will sever the cable, the engine block will drop and impact the barrel, taking out the goon. The achievement should unlock immediately. If no goon is under the block, try to flush him out of other hiding places as best as you can.

Another method is to not enter the building after the cutscene when you arrive. Instead, leave cover and go to the entrance to the right, down the alley, where Bekovsky is situated. Directly in front of you is the person under the engine block. Just shoot the cable, as above and you should get the achievement without problem.



L.A. Noire Chop Shop Achievement Guide

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