Christopher "Chris" Majewski is a minor character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in the Vice case Manifest Destiny.



Majewski was a member of the Sixth Marines, having fought in the Okinawa campaign alongside Lieutenant Cole Phelps and Sergeant Jack Kelso as a rifleman. On their way home from the war, Majewski and his fellow Marines were shipped on board the SS Coolridge. TThey reflected on the unsatisfactory jobs they were returning home to, prompting Courtney Sheldon to coax them into stealing the ship's cargo of army surplus morphine to sell on the streets. With the exception of Kelso, they committed the theft, stealing half a million syrettes.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Sheldon established a business arrangement with the Cohen Crime Syndicate, in order to sell the morphine to abortion clinics and hospitals.

Events of L.A. Noire

However, there was a feud between the established crime boss Mickey Cohen and Sheldon. Cohen started selling the dangerous morphine to the addicted, gaining a considerable advantage on the city's drug trade. Sheldon, realizing this, pulled out of the deal with Cohen. Cohen retaliated by ordering the assassinations of the Marines involved in the morphine heist. Two gunmen were sent after Majewski, and he was shot and killed inside Robert's Diner. Detectives Phelps and Roy Earle arrived on the scene and gave chase to the killers.

Case Appearances



  • His surname is of Polish origin.