The Cisitalia Coupe is an unlockable car available in L.A. Noire. It can be found in the Belmont High School parking lot in The Golden Butterfly. It is also used as a chase vehicle in the Homicide case The Studio Secretary Murder. It is also available as a rare vehicle in a garage behind a gas station on the NW corner of Melrose and Vermont after the player has progressed some way into the game.

This is an Italian 1939 Cisitalia Coupe. It is a 2 door sports car. The Cisitalia Coupe was as much an aesthetic experiment as it was an automobile. The aluminum bodywork was shaped entirely by hand, so only 170 were ever produced.


  • In the Vehicle Showroom, it is incorrectly listed as a 1939 model, but in reality, it debuted in 1947 (the long delay likely being due to WW2 and its effects on Italy).
  • The Cisitalia Coupe is based off the Cisitalia 202.

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