"I won't lose the earrings, will I?"
―Clovis Galletta

Clovis Galletta is a character in L.A. Noire and a person of interest in "Buyer Beware" patrol case.



Galletta worked as a shoe store clerk at Nunn Bush Shoes store, her boss was Everett Gage. Galletta brought herself an expensive set of pearl earrings from Hartfield's Jewelry Store, owned by Edgar Kalou, though she payed by installments over the year through the Bank of Arcadia.

While browsing through Kalou's jewelry store during a lunch break, Gage found her and yelled at her to leave the store and return to work. Gage revealed his anti-Semitic attitude and his intense enmity for Kalou, as Gage cursed Kalou and slandered his store, stating that his products were "nickel plated" and "made in Japan". While walking back to the shoe store, Gage took Galletta's installment voucher, angered that she had shopped at Hartfield's. Kalou followed Gage and Galletta back from his store, and fired five shots into Gage's back, killing him. Galletta witnessed the shooting and returned to the shoe store, in complete shock from what had happened.

Events of L.A. Noire

As the LAPD came to investigate, Officer Cole Phelps entered the store to obtain Galletta's eyewitness testimony. Phelps realized that Galletta was being reluctant to tell the truth, thus gave her a stern warning to stop obstructing a murder investigation. Galletta revealed that she did not want to lose her pearl earrings to the investigation. After some coercing, Galletta revealed that Kalou was responsible for the murder, as well as Gage's intense hatred for Kalou due to his Jewish heritage. After Cole finished the interview, she asked one last time about the pearl earrings but changed her mind and disregarded them, instead agreed to testify against Kalou in court.

Case Appearances



  • She lives in 11018 South Broadway, Apartment 5.
  • She is most likely of Italian descent. Her surname Galletta means "Cookie" in Italian.
  • The player has the option to skip her interview entirely and go straight to Edgar Kalou's store.