"David Bremner. Am I going to get something for this pledge? I gave that bum money, and now you guys are going to leave me short."
―David Bremner

David Bremner is a character in L.A. Noire, and a person of interest in the Homicide case The Studio Secretary Murder.



He worked at the Globe Loan & Jewelry Pawnshop. Someone came into his store to sell engagement rings that originally belonged to Deidre Moller, which he paid $50 for. The man went by the name Percy B. Shelly, and told Bremner that he resided in Tulare county in London.

The pawned rings caught the attention of James Donnelly and the LAPD's homicide department. Donnelly explained to Phelps and Galloway that the Moller case was going to go before the grand jury in a week, and that the D.A. did not want any doubt cast on the case. Donnelly instructed Phelps and Galloway to tie up the loose ends, and to talk to Bremner to see what information they could gain.

Events of L.A. Noire

As instructed, Phelps and Galloway went to see Bremner, in order to gain information about the case. Bremner showed the rings to the detectives, and gave them information of where the rings were produced, one of which was from Hartfield's Jewelry Store. However, Bremner was not able to describe the seller, saying that he had a forgettable face. The detectives convince Bremner to take $10 to get the rings back, leaving him $40 short.

Bremner also appears in the Traffic street crime "Pawnshop Holdup" where he is being held hostage by thieves. However, Phelps managed to subdue the thieves and save Bremner.


  • "I've got books to balance, Detectives."
  • "Come on guys - get lost. I've got marks to chase down."

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