David Ramirez is a character in L.A. Noire.



David Ramirez works is a Police Officer in the LAPD.

Events of L.A. Noire

David Ramirez appears in the Arson street crime case; "Bus Stop Shooting".

Ramirez is seen along with another patrolman, behind their vehicles, holding some robbers near a bus stop, who hold some hostages. Ramirez briefs Cole Phelps on the hostage situation, before a shot is heard. Phelps then moves in with his partner, Herschel Biggs, and kill the robbers.

He is one of two known officers that carries a 1911. The other officer appears in Nicholson Electroplating, and fires at two looters with his .45.

Cases Appearances

Arson (Street Crime)

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