Don Steffens is a character in L.A. Noire and a person of interest in The Gas Man Arson case.



A simple man, married with three children, though the Steffens family were generally poor. Steffens was approached by the Suburban Redevelopment Fund, who were interested in buying his house. With all the other residents of Kenmore Avenue selling their homes, Steffens realized that his house was the center lot of the area, hence decided to holdout and bargain a higher buyout price. As an incentive to sell, the SRF allowed the Steffens family to raffle in an promotional travel competition. Steffen's wife entered the contest and later won, to which Steffens mused that it was the first time he has ever won anything.

Events of L.A. Noire

The Steffens family enjoyed their prize of a trip to Catalina Island, however they returned home to find their house had burned down. As the fire department and arson squad dealt and investigated the fire, Steffens was briefly questioned by Detective Cole Phelps. With their homes and valuables all destroyed in the house fire, Steffens and his family resorting to living in a car, but later took the SRF's buyout offer and were given relief benefits.

Case Appearances



  • Although he has children, they are nowhere to be found at the scene, even though Don says they and his wife "are waiting" (only revealed in-game if Phelps interviews him poorly).