"Some neighbors you get along with, some you don't."
―Dudley Forman

Dudley Forman is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in the Arson case A Walk in Elysian Fields.



A resident of North Hobart on Vermont Avenue, Forman was neighbors with Morelli family. When the Suburban Redevelopment Fund was acquiring estates, Foreman, along the rest of the neighbourhood, took the buy-out offer and sold his home to Elysian Fields Development. However, Foreman learned that his neighbor, Mike Morelli, was holding out. Morelli was prideful over the fact that he built the house himself, hence refused to sell. Foreman was irritated by Morelli's stubbornness and developed a strong distaste for him.

Events of L.A Noire

One the eve of their trip to Catalina Island, the Morelli family had cancelled their vacation, and soon after died in a house fire. After the fire department arrived on scene, Foreman was questioned by Detective Cole Phelps. Due to his dislike for Morelli, Foreman wanted nothing to do with investigation and remained tight lipped, though Phelps coerced him into talking. Foreman gave information to Phelps about the Elysian Field plans to buy out the estate and gave him a promotional flyer for leads.

Case Appearances



  • It is implied in a line of dialogue that Forman is employed, though it is not specified what his job is.