The Hotel El Mar is a location in L.A. Noire, located at 6294 Leland Way, Hollywood, Los Angeles. It is a notorious flophouse hotel that provides very cheap lodging to anyone willing to pay.

Events of L.A. Noire

During the Vice case The Set Up, Cole Phelps and Roy Earle discover that Albert Hammond had a room at the hotel, and they arrive and investigate his room. They also discover that he signed in with the name "Winston Churchill". The clues discovered in the room are:

  • A telegram, noting that Albert is going back to England.
  • A box of candy.
  • The bookkeepers payouts on the nightstand.
  • Some cigarette butts in an ashtray.
  • An open window.


  • All of the residents sign in as famous celebrities, evident when Cole checks the register.