Leland Monroe's Office at Elysian Fields Co

Leland Monroe's Office at Elysian Fields Co

Elysian Fields Development is a company in L.A. Noire. It is owned by Leland Monroe. Its name, considering the time period of the game, is most likely a reference to Tennessee Williams' famous play; A Streetcar Named Desire, where Elysian Fields is the main plot setting. It may also be a reference to the Elysian Fields where Greek heroes went after they died, instead of with all the normal people. The naming of the company could be referring to the housing project as paradise for the returning soldiers.

It also may be a nod towards the Elysian Valley neighborhood, which is a real neighborhood in Los Angeles (however outside of the game map) that was affected when the Golden State Freeway was constructed through it in the 1950's.

The office building where Elysian is headquartered is a major location in "A Walk in Elysian Fields" and makes a cameo appearance in "House of Sticks". Outside of the former case, the only other time the building can be entered is during the Traffic and Vice desks' free roam modes. The doors to Monroe's office will be locked, however. The building is located on the north side of Melrose Avenue between Western Avenue and Hobart Boulevard.


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