The Empty Film Canister is a piece of evidence in L.A. Noire it is featured in "The Fallen Idol" case.

Events of L.A. Noire

June Ballard set out to blackmail Mark Bishop for backing out on a previous deal. June brought her niece, Jessica to Los Angeles with the promise of stardom. Jessica met Bishop at The Silver Screen Prop Store's casting room for an audition, however Bishop proceeded to drug Jessica with chloral hydrate and raped her.

June had actually planned this and had Marlon Hopgood film Bishop molesting Jessica with his face in clear view. June used the film to blackmail Bishop for the lead part in his new movie or else threatened to release the film, exposing him as a rapist. June took the film for herself, eventually passing it to her husband, Guy McAfee, meanwhile the empty film canister was left in Hopegood's studio, entitled "Mark Bishop/Jessica Hamilton". The canister was later found by Detective Cole Phelps who investigated the scandal.

Case Appearance


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