"Gage was a bastard. Whatever he got, he got what was coming."
Edgar Kalou

Everett Gage is a character in L.A. Noire and the murder victim in the Buyer Beware Patrol case.



The owner of Nunn Bush Shoes and the boss of Clovis Galletta. Gage was an anti-Semite, he openly expressed his hatred for Jews and developed an intense and hostile enmity with jewelry store owner and Jew, Edgar Kalou. Furthermore, Gage was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, he used his position to reject all of Kalou's business propositions to effectively slander and ruin his business.

One afternoon, Gage caught Galletta browsing through Hartfield's Jewelry Store and discovered that she brought a set of pearl earrings there. Gage was enraged by this, telling Galletta to return to work and proceeded to insult Kalou and his store, calling his items "nickel plated" and "made in Japan". Gage walked Galletta back to the shoe store, taking her installment voucher for the earrings. However, Gage had finally pushed Kalou too far. Kalou followed Gage and Galletta back to the store and Gage was shot five times in the back in broad daylight. He fell to the ground and died instantly. Kalou threw the gun into a nearby trash bin, and walked back to his store.

Events of L.A. Noire

Gage was dead before the LAPD or an ambulance could arrive. His murder was investigated by LAPD Officers Cole Phelps and Ralph Dunn. Phelps discovered that Kalou was responsible and was able to obtain strong evidence and a confession to charge Kalou for Gage's murder.

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