The FN Browning 1922 is a semi-automatic handgun featured in L.A. Noire. It cannot be used by the player.


The FN Browning Model 1922 is basically an enlarged version of the earlier FN Browning Model 1910. It featured a longer barrel, larger grip, and could hold two more rounds in its magazine compared to the Model 1910. Like the Model 1910, the Model 1922 was made in .380 ACP and .32 ACP calibers, with the .380 ACP being the more common of the two.

In Game

The weapon appears in the Patrol case "Buyer Beware", as an evidence. Main suspect Edgar Kalou used one to shoot Everett Gage after getting it cleaned by Andrew Fickman, before discarding it in a trash can. At the crime scene, detective Cole Phelps found it and listed it as evidence.

According to Fickman, this weapon is rare in the United States, though it is popular among Europeans.


  • The gun would probably not have been sold in any 1940's LA gun stores, as the FN 1922 was not brought into the American market until 1955. However, it is very likely that the weapon was brought over as a war prize by an American soldier during World War II. The gun seen in the game has plain wooden grips that were only made during the Nazi occupation of the FN factory, instead of the usual plastic grips bearing the FN logo, verifying its probable status as a war trophy.
  • The gun store owner says that the gun is popular with Europeans. This is fairly true. In fact, Gavrillo Princip used the "little brother" of this weapon, the Browning Model 1910, to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, effectively sparking World War I.


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