Fakeloo is an achievement/trophy in The Naked City Vice case. It is obtained by tailing Henry Arnett from Hollywood Police Station to the Pawnbroker and Travel Agent without being spotted or losing his tail. The achievement will unlock once you're given the Fabergé cigarette case to examine by your partner after the cutscene.

Note: If you fail either the driving part or the walking part, you will have to quit out of the game and then reload the case in order to attempt the trophy again. Simply restarting the tailing scenes from the police station where the game resets you will not award you the trophy even if you aren't spotted the second time. If you do have to back out and reload you will have to go through the interview with Henry Arnett again.


An easy way to complete the on foot portion of the pursuit is to stay on the right hand side of the road. Cross the street at the same time Arnett does, and once on the other side of the road, run to the shoe shine stand and go incognito. You can then remain here until Henry Arnett rounds the next corner. At this time, get up and chase after him. The remainder of the pursuit is very short. Once you reach the next corner, take cover for a brief moment and watch him walk into the shop to end the tail and trigger a cutscene.

Note: Use caution,using this method it is possible to run too far ahead of Henry Arnett resulting in a fail due to Arnett evading you. This will prevent you from getting the trophy and you will have to reload the case in order to attempt it again.