Ford Business Coupe is a vehicle available in L.A. Noire. It is identifiable as a 1940 model. Note: The back windows behind the front doors are shorter than the windows on the Ford V8 Sedan; the Coupe has no back seat. Thus the trunk line goes below the rear window instead of flush to the roof. As seen in the game, Henry Arnett, Carlo Arquero, Garrett Mason, and Jennifer Horgan all own one.

Can always be found in Wilshire, Westlake, Hollywood, and occasionally the Industrial District.


  • Carlo Arquero owns a unique white version with the license plate 84 I 929 in The Set Up. It can only be seen three times: Parked at the American Legion Boxing Stadium, at Aleve Motel, and partially crashed in front of The Egyptian Theatre. Incredibly enough, all three locations take place at night. This white version cannot be driven, and the white color is never available in the Vehicle Showroom.


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