Ford Police Special is a make of car available in L.A. Noire. It is identifiable as a 1947 model, and is used standard as squad cars of the Los Angeles Police Department. It is the same mark as the regular civilian models that can be found cruising.

The Ford Police Special makes its first appearance in patrol, when Cole Phelps, first joins the LAPD, as a patrol officer, in "Upon Reflection."

This vehicle makes several appearances throughout the game.

This vehicle makes several appearances in street crimes, and is features throughout several shootouts, and pursuits.


  • Although the user is unable to sound a horn, when found cruising on the street by other officers, they are able to honk, but unable to sound a siren, unless a partner is inside.
  • There are two versions of this vehicle, with black or "white wall" tires.
  • It is unable to receive an AM/FM radio signal, possibly due to the fact that it has no receiver inputed to track down KTI Radio. As always, it can tune in to KGPL, however.
  • House of Sticks is the only time this car is not seen patrolling the streets of Los Angeles. It can still be found parked at police stations, however.


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