Frank Lacey is a character in L.A. Noire. He appears in Manifest Destiny at the crime scene of the attempted murder of Felix Alvarro. Lacey can be seen with James Hopkins at one of the yellow crime scene barriers. Lacey later tells Cole Phelps which interview room Courtney Sheldon is in and says that there's "a quack" in their too.


"Quit hassling me, Detective. Isn't there work you should be doing?"
―Lacey, isn't there work that you should be doing?
"Get to it, Phelps. Run your own errands. I'm busy."
―Busy running somebody else's errands by any chance?

Case Appearances



  • At the crime scene in Manifest Destiny, Lacey, as well as Hopkins, can be ran over and killed without repercussion. If Lacey is killed, he won't appear behind the front desk at Hollywood Police Station later on to inform Phelps which interview room Sheldon is staying in.