Frank Osterman is a character in L.A. Noire. He works for Elysian Fields.

Events of L.A. Noire

Osterman first appears in A Walk in Elysian Fields at a housing development office when he is questioned by Cole Phelps. He gives little information, but his office can be searched to find a small paper with a order directly from Leland Monroe.

Osterman appears more prominently in House of Sticks when he is questioned by Jack Kelso. He attacks Kelso and the player is forced to beat him in hand-to-hand combat. Later, while Jack is investingating Lou Buchwalter's death, he is chased by Osterman who is in a bulldozer. If the player outruns him in the trench, he will eventually get the bulldozer stuck and, surprising, makes no attempt to leave his seat. The player then has the choice to shoot him (in which case Kelso will mutter a sarcastic comment) or leave him be (Kelso will look at him and sigh). Either way, he makes no further appearances.


Osterman is a very intractable individual, possibly alluding to the fact that Monroe has zero tolerance for delays, or Osterman just wants to conceal the corruption. He displays this attitude towards both Phelps and Kelso.


"Sorry, gotta go. While I'm here, my workers are probably putting their feet up and talking shit."
―Frank Osterman
"There's not much I can tell you. Just that these Elysian boys pay good, and I don't ask questions."
―Frank Osterman


  • Whether Osterman is killed or not, the bulldozer remains vacant after the cutscene in which Kelso gets out the trench.
  • During The Gas Man, the transcription log refers to him as "FRANK OSTERMAN". In House of Sticks, however, it merely refers to him as "SITE MANAGER".