Frazer Manhattan is a make of car available in L.A. Noire. It is identifiable as a 1947 model.

This make of car was featured in the Traffic case, A Slip of the Tongue - where Phelps and Bekowsky tail one in a chase, whereupon Cole claims the owner bought the car knowing it was a stolen vehicle. One can occasionally be found across the road from the InstaHeat factory, behind the Zephys Cocktail Lounge, located in Wilshire at the intersection of Harvard Blvd and Beverly Blvd.

This vehicle may also be found in the parking lot behind Eagleson's Gun Store during the Buyer Beware mission. Note: If you are having trouble finding the vehicle at this location, get your partner to drive you to a custom location and then return.

Sometimes the vehicle may appear in the car park on the corner of Hill and 4th. Also, it can be found in the parking lot on Olive where the case "The Fallen Idol" starts


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