"Fuck you, puto. You should speak to the maricón, Valdez? I showed him. Now who is a man? I should have burned his fucking car."
―Gabriel Del Gado

Gabriel Del Gado is a character featured in L.A. Noire.



Gabriel worked as an employed mechanic at Dewey's Car Sales. He was an illegal immigrant; however, it was overlooked by William Dewey, as this meant he could pay Del Gado less. Del Gado also had a pregnant girlfriend, Anna Rodriguez. Gabriel was involved in dozens of car thefts and illegal street races. He easily escaped police arrest by luring police cars through a dangerous spillway in his prized custom Ford car.

At Dewey's dealership, Gabriel was approached by Juan Francisco Valdez, who became infatuated and attempted to initiate relations. However, this only offended and enraged Gabriel. In an attempt to restore his personal honour and manhood, Gabriel and a group of fellow Mexican hoodlums stole Valdez's car and took the wheels, a car flag pole and license plate. However, they abandoned the vehicle in someone's yard, to avoid being caught.

Events of L.A. Noire

When Valdez's car was reported missing, it was investigated by Detectives Phelps and Bekowsky. They discovered a wrench in Jacobs yard, which belonged to Dewey's Car Sales. The detectives went to the dealership, and found that the wrench did, in fact, belong to Del Gado. They then discovered that Gabriel was not only responsible for this theft, but for other thefts as well as illegal street racing. Phelps and Bekowsky intercepted Gabriel during a street race, in which they drove through the Los Angeles River. Del Gado crashed and was arrested, and went to prison cursing Valdez.

Case Appearances



  • After Del Gado abandons his vehicle, Phelps can shoot and kill him. As a consequence, he will be lambasted by Captain Leary for being incapable of controlling a "fucking automobile" and for acts of reckless conduct. Phelps will only be able to earn a maximum of three stars.
  • Dewey mentions Del Gado's temper, saying it is like "a time bomb".
  • His surname (Del Gado) is misspelled because in Spanish only exixts the surname Delgado.