In L.A. Noire, glitches are programming errors or oversights which can affect gameplay. Glitches can take a variety of forms, such as allowing players to access areas which they are normally not permitted to explore, or preventing players from completing certain objectives in the game.
  • At certain Alaco gas stations, a player can drive onto the pump island and wait for the gas pumps to respawn. When the pump respawns, it will become stuck inside the vehicle, pushing it under the ground and underneath the map.
  • In certain locations, a player can run against the side of a building, and Cole Phelps will appear to run up the side of the building.
  • A player can access Weapons outside of the shooting sequences using a specific sequence of events during A Marriage Made in Heaven. Once the player has completed the interrogation at the Pattison Residence and used the Gamewell, they would normally be instructed to go to Central Morgue. If the player ignores this and instead drives to the Shelton Residence, it will initiate a car chase sequence. If the player then marks Central Morgue on their map and chases after the suspect without immobilizing the vehicle and staying within range, they can instead drive quickly to Central Morgue before they fail the case, which will activate the Central Morgue entrance cutscene. From there, the player can then freely roam around the map with the ability to use their weapons.

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