Gordon Leitvol is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in the DLC Traffic case, "A Slip of The Tongue".



Leitvol is the owner of the Marquee Printing Company. One of Leitvol's contracts with the government was printing vehicle titles (pink slips) for cars sold throughout L.A. and presumably other forms of certificates and legal papers. Unfortunately, Leitvol had a severe gambling addiction, and fell into a bad losing streak, putting him in debt. Leitvol, desperate to pay off his debts to avoid losing his government contracts, headed a large scale auto-racket theft profiting off stolen cars. Leitvol employed Steven Bigelow's help, who used his warehouse to store and later export stolen vehicles into other states with the help of Jean Archer and James Belasco. Leitvol provided Bigelow with Pink Slips to make the sales seem legitimate.

Events of L.A. Noire

Unfortunately, Archer sold one of the stolen cars in L.A., to Richard Coombs at Coombs Automotive. He then re-sold the car to Cliff Harrison. The car caught the attention of the LAPD Traffic department. Detective Phelps and Bekowsky realized the racket was in some connection to Leitvol and Marquee Printing, due to the constant legitimate paperwork with each stolen vehicle. At first, the detectives arrived at the print shop, however, Leitvol denied any knowledge of the stolen car racket. They eventually raided Bigelow's warehouse and discovered Leitvol's gambling losses. With this evidence, they had a strong case to charge Leitvol of conspiracy and fraud.

Case Appearances



  • Depending on how Phelps interview him on the question of "Knowledge of test racket", Leitvol might say the Chief of Police is a very good friend of his.