"Hall of Records is the place to start."
Jack Kelso

The Los Angeles County Hall of Records is a location and a landmark in L.A. Noire. It is located west of the City Hall, North on Broadway from 1st St. The Central Police Station is nearby.

Among other offices, the building houses the Property Records office and the LAPD Records office. It's possible this is where the Records and Investigation Bureau is located.

The exterior is made of inrticate stonework and the interior features gleaming floors and beautiful walls. Probably the most prominent feature is the large chandellier, that Cole Phelps must later escape off the top of it as it falls.

In-Game Description

The distinctive twin Poep Gothic towers of the Hall of Records rise above a domed skylight some fifty feet across. The glasswork depicts a mountain cave overgrown with plants and wildflowers, and a waterfall chandelier hangs downwards over the lobby.

Case Appearances




  • A badge in the Badge Pursuit Challenge can be found here on the front desk inside the lobby. It's one of the few badges found indoors.


  • Upon investigating the Suburban Redevelopment Fund in the Arson case A Polite Invitation the last entry in the ledger reads "Sudhucker Industries," a reference to the 1994 Coen brothers film, The Hudsucker Proxy. Notable people employed by Sudhucker Industries are: Norville Barnes, Sydney J. Musburger, and Wering Sudhucker. According to the ledger, the company was founded in 1923.
  • In the Rockstar Social Club 100% Checklist, under "landmarks", it shows Civic Square instead of the Hall of Records.
  • The elevator is is not functional. In other words, it cannot be used.
  • The "MAINTENANCE" door is only able to be opened when investigating during the relevant objective in The Quarter Moon Murders. It loses its functional status after the chandelier is destroyed.


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