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"The 22nd are still fighting..."
―Hank Merrill's last words.

Hank Merrill is a character in L.A. Noire. He was a fellow United States Marine alongside Cole Phelps and Jack Kelso. He eventually died due to being dismembered by Japanese mortar fire during World War II.


World War II

During World War II, Hank joined Officer Candindate School for the United States Marine Corps. During that time, he befriended main protagonist Cole Phelps. He then was shipped out to Okinawa with Cole and the 6th Marine Division.

"Say goodbye to your friend Hank, Jack"
Cole Phelps to Jack Kelso
"He was your friend too, Cole. Is this is how you're going to leave him?"
―Jack to Cole

Later, during the assault on Sugar Loaf Hill, Merrill was in a foxhole with Phelps until he was blown up by Japanese mortar fire, resulting in complete dismemberment. Merrill's blood sprayed all over Phelps and he was mentally traumatized by the moment. Few hours later, Jack Kelso and his group found Cole, telling him that he is one of the few of his squad to survive. Cole then informed to Jack about Hank's death, looking at his remains.

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