"It's hard to fool a seasoned detective."
―In-game description

Hard-Boiled Detective Outfit

The Hard-Boiled Detective is an outfit in L.A. Noire.


The outfit provides the player with an automatic wrong-response removal of all interview questions, when being worn.

Unlike when using a Intuition Point to remove a wrong response, if Cole accuses them of lying the game does not cross out incorrect evidence to make the selection easier.


The outfit can only be unlocked after finding all 8 Novels.

It is exclusive to the Remastered Editions of the game on PS4, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch.


  • The bright yellow hat is similar to the fictional detective Dick Tracey's signature headpiece
  • Excluding the Beat Cop Uniform and Hawkshaw, it is the only outfit that doesn't have a jacket.

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