"I keep myself to myself."
―Herbert Chapman

Herbert Chapman is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in "The Gas Man" case and later a suspect in "A Walk in Elysian Fields", acting as a secondary antagonist for the early Arson cases.



"The guy's a freak. He loves fires. He'd the kind of guy that we'd like for a lot of things but we don't really have any credible evidence to pursue him with."
―Herschel Biggs

Chapman was a known pyromaniac who notoriously interfered in the affairs of the Arson Squad and Los Angeles Fire Department. Although never having actually caused any fires, Chapman monitored fire radio chatter and observed scenes of fire incidents. His presence was a constant nuisance and hindrance to the efforts of Albert Lynch, Herschel Biggs, and Lachlan McKelty. Chapman was given warnings and on some occasions arrested for misdemeanors, but the LAPD could never charge him, nor find any strong evidence linking him back to the arsons committed. According to McKelty, the Arson Squad had been trying to nail Chapman for years.

Events of L.A. Noire

"Phelps, the guy across the street... I've seen him before. He likes fires."
―Albert Lynch

After hearing about the Sawyer home fire, Chapman arrived at the scene, but was recognized by Lynch and Biggs. Chapman instantly became a suspect, and was apprehended by Detective Cole Phelps. He was arrested under suspicion of causing the fire, but was released, as there was no evidence linking him to the fire. Chapman worked as waybill for Elysian Fields Development, handing out promotional flyers to holdouts. Leland Monroe framed Chapman as scapegoat for the Morelli house fire.

Cole Phelps and Herschel Biggs went to his house to arrest him. In the trunk of his car they discovered a box of .45 ACP rounds, promotional flyers and a box of mosquito coils. The detectives then spotted him across the street. Chapman attempted to escape by hijacking a tram, but he was eventually stopped when Phelps and Biggs derailed the trolley. Chapman was ultimately killed in a shootout with Phelps and Biggs.

Case Appearances


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