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Herein is a list of hints you can receive from Herschel Biggs

A Walk in Elysian Fields

  • "We ought to get moving. Check out this house fire."
  • "You'd better talk to Carruthers. Lynch too."
  • "People died here, Phelps. Don't you think we should go back and be more thorough with the scene?"
  • "We don't decide what happened here, Phelps. We go on the evidence. Search the whole place."
  • "The neighbors have got to know something. Let's go have a little talk."
  • "We could find a gamewell and get an address for Elysian. The problem is, partner, those Elysian guys are connected."
  • "Rancho Escondido, that development that burned down. We've got to check it out."
  • "Look around. There's not much left, but it's worth a shot."
  • "Check the house, Cole. It doesn't look right from here."
  • "Back to Rancho Escondido. Part of the puzzle is there. We just need to find it."
  • "If we're paying a visit to Elysian and ruining my career, let's bite the bullet and get on with it."
  • "Careful with Monroe, Phelps. He's got a lot of clout, and he's pretty sharp. See what you can get from him."
  • "I don't think we're done with Monroe. He must have more answers. Let's head back."
  • "Check the list. We need to know who's posting the flyers."
  • "Let's find a phone or a gamewell and see if they are still holding Chapman."

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