Before I start, I should say that for some stupid reason, L.A Noire will not work on windows 10 (not sure about windows 8) without a considerable amount of fiddling.

Since its launch in 2011, L.A Noire has received a mixed bag from dedicated fans, praising it as a new and innovative game, to skeptical players that find it to be boring and difficult. In this blog I will aim at giving you my best tips and tricks to helping L.A Noire achieve its full potential and perhaps encourage some player not to feel like their money has been wasted.

Interrogations and clues

First things first, the rock in everyone's shoe, the case(s) that keeps you up at night, my friends I give you the interrogations.

Now this may come as a surprise, and to those with a nervous disposition you may well need to leave the room now....... the interrogations are easy.

Like anything, a statement like that should be taken with a grain of salt. What I SHOULD say is the interrogations are easy IF you have all of the clues. The simplest way to get all of the physical evidence is to look around, pick up everything and see if it relates, however, many of the clues also rely on getting interrogations correct.

It should also be noted that some clues rely on you getting to certain case related locations at a certain time, so it is not always the best course of action to go to each place as it is written in your notebook. At the same time, even if you know who the criminal is, it is important to visit every location as it can give you the crucial evidence needed to convict them.

Sometimes, crime scene clues themselves can be located outside of the crime scene or have not been labled by the police. Can't blame them I guess, you are the detective after all. In order to find these 'hidden clues' look in nooks and crannies, possible hiding spots and try to paint a picture of what you think happened. Follow the blood trail to those inconspicuous clues.

Tips on solving interrogations

As much as the game tries to throw you off the scent, it also makes a big effort to assist you in solving interrogations. I won't be referring to intuition points as it should be incredibly obvious what they are for.

Suspicious phelps by soren7550-d4e4wc2
  1. Look at Cole - After you have asked the suspect a question and just before it gives you the option to truth, doubt or lie, take note of the expression on Cole's face. Is it skeptical or not? This can be a good indicator of weather or not you should select truth, doubt or lie.
  2. Don't be afraid to stare - When you are given the options (truth, doubt, lie), the rule of thumb is that if they can look you straight in the eye, then they are telling the truth. However, give it a few seconds as on occasion, they can be staring at you for a while and then their gaze drifts to the side, indicating doubt.
  3. Lie can be better than doubt - If you are unsure if the suspect is doubt or lie, it can be wise to accuse them of lying first. This is because it encourages extra dialogue for you to go on and you can back out of your accusation, unlike if you choose doubt.
  4. The whole truth and nothing but the truth - If you believe that what the suspect is telling you is true, but they are not telling you the WHOLE truth, such as they have told you where they work but have left out the address, then doubt should be selected
  5. Review evidence - It is important to review your evidence after each question. If there is no evidence whatsoever then you can rely on the suspects expression to decide if it is truth or doubt. If you have accused them of lying, try to find connections between the suspect and the evidence e.g.: Where their name is mentioned, similarities in seemingly unrelated things such as the same address twice, items that seemed out of place where you found them and are related to the suspect or even evidence you used yourself to find them in the first place. If no evidence backs you up in lie, back out of the accusation and choose doubt (as long as their expression also suggests suspicion).
  6. Character backgrounds - It is due noting what type of character the suspect is as it can help determine their facial expressions. E.g.: are they an actress/ actor/ car salesman? If so, then it can be more difficult to tell if they are lying or not and so you will have to look hard at your evidence. However, be careful as too much skepticism and you will not know if they are telling the truth either.

As the majority of players hate how difficult interrogations are, now that you know the best way to solve them and how they work, you will find your L.A Noire experience that much better. Not trying to toot my own horn, but with every case, I get all questions correct or occasionally miss one or two (it happens).


One of the most important things to know in relation to convicting suspects is that when you have two suspects to choose from at the end of a case, sometimes it doesn't matter who you think did it. It is important to take note of who the chief WANTS convicted. Get this wrong and it can unfortunately cause you to fail the case.

Open world

Another argument that people have against L.A Noire is that its open world is either too linear or there isn't enough to do in it.

To that I say, it is only linear if you stick to the cases. That first crime scene isn't going anywhere, so if you want to go around and mess about beforehand, go crazy! That said, it can impact how well you solve the case by increasing the amount of city damage etc, however, I have personally run over hundreds of pedestrians and never failed a case.

If you really want to get the most out of your reckless driving, try having different people in the car with you. The dialogue you get with each crash and hit-and-run varies widely with each partner, however you also get a lot of dialogue with Cole in the car on his own. And yes, you can happily run over Roy Earle for his crimes of being a total sleazeball, however, completely kill him and you'll be reset to your last checkpoint at the station.

Some players are unaware that you are actually able to kill yourself in the open world in three main ways: getting run over by other cars repeatedly, being hit by a tram in the tram tunnel and driving at full speed into a petrol station that then explodes in a glorious "That was stupid" screen.

There are also many jumps that are disguised within the environment and can be found at building sites or on top of hills. Driving at these full speed can give you some fantastic air time, to then have you come crashing down on top of that unsuspecting granny sitting on a bench feeding the pigeons. Honestly, play the open world right and you'll be wondering why nobody from the traffic desk got onto your case after all these months on the job.

L.A noire hit and run

Aside from turning L.A Noire into a 1940s GTA, there are also plenty of street crimes that can be done that work similarly to side quests. They are widely varying from gunfights to car chases and, contrary to popular belief, just because you shoot the criminals doesn't instantly mean that they die (at the end, if the coroner is called, then you can be pretty sure), just try not to always aim for the head, you know, like a good law enforcer. For the car chases, working on your handbrake U-turns can really help as criminals tend to drive like maniacs *cough* COLE *cough* and can take VERY sharp turns, straight into oncoming traffic.

A 1940s replica

If you were wondering why L.A Noire took over 7 years to make, a large chunk of that can be credited to the fact that Rockstar have successfully made a full 1940s replica of L.A.

In order to do the game designers justice it is worth exploring all of the monuments, iconic buildings and places that you would otherwise find in a tourist guide of L.A as you are almost certain to find an almost identical copy of it in L.A Noire. The attention to detail is remarkable! From Hollywood blvd to Union station, it is definitely worth a look see.

As well as the buildings, there are countless vehicles that can be driven that match the cars from that era. In hidden garages dotted around the map you can find even more hidden vehicles and you can even get some wonderfully sarcastic dialogue from your partner for driving around in a particularly stupid getaway vehicle.

And as a bonus, as a police officer you aren't TECHNICALLY stealing so...


This is more of a nitpick really, so for those who want to know, read on. If not, make sure to pay attention to the in car dialogue that only happens if YOU drive to the different locations. Don't always rely on your partner to drive.

Spoilers, kinda

Many people have complained that the sudden 'change in character' Cole has towards the end of the game came out of the blue. It only did if you paid absolutely no attention to the dialogue between Cole and his various partners. From that you can deduce a few things: Cole is having marital issues, his relationship with his wife seems clinical with him referring to her as 'The mother of my children'. As well as that, Cole can be seen to have a soft spot for victims with comments like 'Poor thing' in reference to the first of the murder victims and Elsa being abused by Roy places her in the victim role.

Take note of the character traits of the partners. From what you can gather from their dialogue, what Cole does isn't that uncommon. The reason it becomes a complete catastrophe for him is helped by the involvement of the main gang and the police to use him as a scapegoat. Adultery isn't a great thing to do but its a whole lot worse when the entirety of L.A knows. Besides, looking at all of the people he's shot, run over and verbally abused, you've made him do far worse!

Hope you've found this helpful

I hope you have found this post to be helpful and let me know if there are any other things you would like me to post about.

Happy gaming!


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