Hughes Aircraft is a location in L.A. Noire. It is featured in the Arson DLC case Nicholson Electroplating. Hughes Aircraft is owned by business magnate Howard Hughes.

During the DLC case it is possible to enter one of the hangars and explore the famous Spruce Goose aircraft. Otherwise, only the exterior of the facility can be accessed during regular cases and free roam. During the DLC case, the player will note a number of doors in the hangar have gold doorknobs, yet they cannot be entered at any point in the game.

In real life, the location shown for Hughes Aircraft is (and in 1947, was) the site of Paramount Studios.


  • One MP told Phelps that in order to be allowed on to the facility, authorisation must be given by "Military HQ", although Mapes seemed to be able to circumvent this protocol. Despite this, Phelps is allowed onto the facility at any point in gameplay, and no MPs will attempt to stop him or do anything.


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